Mercedes W124 – Repair lever spray and wiper

Repair lever spray and wipers (he is one and turn signals flash and beam)

It has long been “complaining” that spraying water on the windshield and the wiper drive itself I work hard and not every time – talk about pushing the lever that is on the steering column to the steering column. Delusion me today was full – as I thought that the whole bar sinks deeper into the steering column (even my veins had sent pictures how to dismantle this mehanizaam – THANK HIM!) But alas – we were wrong, and he and I – the wiper control and the shower was located at the end of the gear stick and is extremely strong and engaged to “repair” mechanism. And now some pictures:

1. Disassembly lever (to me it shot during assembly, but it is better that you see where the clips are on the cover) is a screwdriver type “minus” that is inserted between the cover and the lever is rotated slightly.


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2. Here we see the mechanism disassembled – missing only one washer end of it (I did not lose her)


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3. Here was my problem

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– Slightly parted his long legs and they again began to interact with the plates placed in white plastic skewers (see photo on the front).

Assembly – in reverse order and carefully. It is possible to install sheepskin hiding mechanism rotated 180 degrees, but no big deal and easily interfere. It is uncomfortable if you notice only when you think you’re finished

IMPORTANT – SPRING IS LIKELY THAT IS the mechanism to dispose wafers END OF ITS QUITE AWAY, SO – it is recommended to behind closed doors or at least clean and bright room!

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